LVRAC Las Vegas Radio Amateur Club

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Las Vegas Radio Amateur Club
PO Box 27342
Las Vegas, Nevada 89126-1342

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We operate the K7UGE repeaters on 146.940 (PL 100.0) and 448.500 (PL 100.0). For more information, please check out our homepage.

Contact Us In Person

Please see the homepage for details about our monthly meetings.

Contact Us By Email

Charlie Shepard, K7CBS -
Vice President:
Jeff Chadwell, KI7LUB -
Jerry Stein, NV7GS - email
Gary Desler, AA7YO - email
Marc Zuckerman, K7MNZ - email
Mark Pallans, W4MDP - email
Gerry Wojciechowski, K9ADY - email
Jerry Sobel, KØMBB - email
Repeater Trustee:
Bill Croghan, WBØKSW - email
Public Information:
Jeff Chadwell, KI7LUB -
Jerry Stein, NV7GS - email
Net Manager:
Gary Desler, AA7YO -
Net Controllers:
Steve Loomis, K7EAU -
Bill Croghan, WBØKSW -
Jessie Cole, KI7GWI -
Jerry Stein, NV7GS - email
Web Pages:
Tim Meehan (for email