February 21 2012 LVRAC General Meeting

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President Frank-KL7IPV.

53 members and 1 visitor were in attendance

Pledge of Allegiance.

Frank-KL7IPV announced to all present, the same discount on meeting nights, applies at any time to this Denny's Restaurant for 10% off for TWO people only, with one using a current membership card. This is only for our meeting location at 6300 W. Charleston!

Vice President Michael-KF7GRQ introduced Bill-W7HMV who gave a great detailed talk on County Hunting.

Treasurer Gerry-K9ADY reported January income, expenditures and balance to all present. Motion to accept report by Dennie-KE7WOD, 2nd by Arnie-WA2SOE. **Passed by membership**

A motion to accept Secretary Robert-NV7NV January minutes was made by Arnie-WA2SOE, 2nd by Jim-W1RO. **Passed by membership**

Speedway coordinator Arnie-WA2SOE announced that we still do not have enough volunteers for the Sunday date of March 11 at the NASCAR concession stand. Volunteers do not have to be hams and minimum age to help is 18. Club to reimburse $15.00 for the needed TAM Card.

Arnie at this time proposed a motion to vote, for this March Speedway event only, tips to be donated to the club for bottom line profit.

Jamie-N3TOY called for a discussion of this before the proposed vote.

After some opinions and statements of the volunteers to be manning the booth, they themselves will decide what to do with their tips. Proposal for the vote was struck down.

Cure de Tour to be held April 14 has the required volunteers to do the event, but Jay-KE7EGO is still looking for backup operators.

National Association of Broadcasters is to be held on April 16 to the 19. Jim-W7UXB is now gathering a list of volunteers to man the ARRL booth at the convention.

Frank-KL7IPV mentioned Baker to Vegas event on April 19-20. If interested, please contact Bryan-KD7JJH at KD7JJH@cox.net for info.

Field Day location at Canyon Springs High School is being worked on by Vice President Michael-KF7GRQ. He has sent in insurance papers for approval.

Susan G Komen event on May 5. Tom-K4ULL was not available at this meeting to provide more information.

Frank-KL7IPV found the MFJ antenna analyzer in the clubs storage unit for loan to any currently paid member to use. Jamie-N3TOY states that another analyzer is still missing.

Bill-WB0KSW has found a Master II Repeater for possible use for the club to replace our aging ones. Bill will inspect it to make sure it operates properly.

Secretary Robert-NV7NV reported to the club regarding an e-mail message from Arnie-WA2SOE that on the LVRAC web site, Arnie is not listed as a director and needs to be corrected.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m. by President Frank-KL7IPV

Submitted by Robert Davidson
2012 Secretary LVRAC