January 17 2012 LVRAC General Meeting

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by the clubs new President Frank Drake- KL7IPV at our new meeting place, Denny's Restaurant at 6300 W. Charleston Blvd.

51 members and 1 visitor were present.

Flag salute.

Vice President Michael Haney-KF7GRQ introduced Dennie-KE7WOD along with David-WD6CZY who gave a presentation on APRS.

Our new Treasurer Gerry-K9ADY after some intensive research, reported a positive balance as of January 3rd. A detailed and itemized list was given to Secretary Robert-NV7NV for filing. ** Passed by membership.**

Decision to carry on with the Speedway concession stand. Club must send out a commitment letter to Concessionaire Levy by January 20th which gave the LVRAC 3 days to respond. If the club responds to YES, we must be involved with not only NASCAR on March 9,10,and 11, but must commit to the NASCAR Truck races on October 13 and 14. If NO, we will lose the best concession stand on the property...FOREVER. By a show of 17 hands for our fine tradition of carrying on making a bit of money for the LVRAC and 0 against, it was **passed by membership** to continue.

Our net manager Jay-KE7EGO needs two volunteers for net control Tuesday nights.

Cure de Tour is on Saturday April 14. Jay-KE7EGO is also looking for 21 volunteers for this event. To volunteer for this, or to be a net controller please contact email.

National Association of Broadcasters will be in Las Vegas on April 16 thru the 19th. This is the same week as our general meeting which is to be held on the 17th. More to be announced later.

Susan G Komen 2012 Race for the Cure will be held on Saturday May 5th. Tom-K4ULL needs 20 volunteers for this event. Please contact email

EMCOMMWEST 2012 was also discussed. It will be in Reno on May 4,5,and 6. Info here

Field Day will be on June 23 and 24. There was talk on having this event at Canyon Springs High School at the football field. This school is located in North Las Vegas on 5th Street between Alexander and Craig. Voting will be done for the approval of this site at the next general meeting on February 21.

MS-150 and Ironman events were discussed, but no information at this time.

Baker to Vegas event- Any Interest?

Defcon Convention to be held on July 26 to the 29th in Las Vegas at the Rio Hotel. Of interest besides the computer hacking techniques, is the Wireless Village portion of the show which will have the 801.11 and RFID talks and will also feature Ham Radio with a Technician Class on Saturday and Sunday. More info the Defcon website.

Tim Meehan has been updating events on the LVRAC web site.

Please remember that if you join the ARRL thru the LVRAC, it will help to support the club!

Silver State Classic- 3rd Sunday in May. More info later on the LVRAC reflector.

Bryan-KD7JJH informed the club about the General Class which started on January 9th. An Extra Class will start on April 2nd. These classes are held Monday and Wednesday nights from 6 to 9:p.m. at Nellis Base Outdoor Recreation Building at Nellis Air Force Base. For more information please contact email.

Arnie-WA2SOE informed the club that the $100 donation that was voted for and passed thru by the general membership in October 2011 to Dave-WD6CZY for ham class books was only paid $50.00 at that time. President Frank-KL7IPV stated that the other $50 will be paid immediately.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

Submitted by Robert Davidson NV7NV
2012 Secretary LVRAC