March 20 2012 LVRAC General Meeting

Called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President Frank-KL7IPV.

47 members and 3 visitors were in attendance

Pledge of Allegiance.

Vice President Michael-KF7GRQ, gave a talk about PSK 31 which included history, equipment needed, and operating techniques. After this informative talk, Frank-KL7IPV discussed some computer software to run PSK 31, including one called Digipan, which at this time is free. Frank suggests you obtain this great software for this mode. Web-site is here.

Treasurer Gerry-K9ADY read the report to the membership, the expenditures and assets with a positive balance as of 2/29/12 being $1,146.80. Membership voted to accept this and passed unanimously.

The Secretary report for the month of February was also approved and accepted by all present.

An amendment of our By-laws will be voted upon at the next general meeting on April 17, as stated by President Frank. The passage of this will address and correct a procedural error that occurred in the last election of directors and officers on November 15, 2012 by the general membership.

This proposed amendment will not change the requirement that the Board of Directors consist of a minimum of 7 members. It only allows the Board to consist of more than 7 members.

President Frank mentioned to all present, that our Speedway Coordinator Arnie Zelig-WA2SOE will receive 2 gift certificates valued at $35.00 each to the Olive Garden Restaurant. This is for his truly extraordinary commitment, year after year, for this important financial event for this club!

At this time, Arnie gave a tentative amount of $1200 profit after TAM reimbursements and other expenses for the Speedway event held this month. $704 in tips made by the volunteers were given to the treasurer to be deposited. This will then be distributed to the other organizations that helped.

LVRAC Full membership Dues will be raised To $30.00 starting at our next calendar year beginning January 2013. This was voted upon at our March 7 2012 Board meeting.

Cure de Tour is on April 14. Jay-KE7EGO is still awaiting the meeting that will give final details of the event. For information, contact Jay at email.

National Association of Broadcasters is on April 16 thru the 19. Jim-W7UXB has a list of volunteers for this event. Gerry-K9ADY is helping with a workable schedule.

Bill-WB0KSW mentioned that the $25.00 being charged to the NAB volunteers earlier was a mistake. Bill contacted Bob Vallio-W6RGG, who is in charge for the ARRL Booth at the convention, about this problem and Bob corrected it .

Michael-KF7GRQ was denied permission for the use of the Canyon Springs High School for our Field Day event. Another site must be found. Last years site, Mtn. Crest Park, was suggested along with other locations.

The clubs MFJ antenna analyzer is being used by Clayton-KB7PHB.